Yoga al desnudo, la práctica que invita a amigarse con el cuerpo

Las redes sociales están plagadas de bellezas ideales, pero también de personas que deciden hacer un uso responsable de esos espacios para fomentar desde ahí la imagen de un cuerpo real y saludable.

Este es el caso de una cuenta de Instagram que difunde imágenes de personas haciendo yoga desnudas. Ni poses, ni runners, ni las mejores prendas o filtros. Sólo posturas de toga que muestra a los cuerpos en equilibrio. 


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La iniciativa es anónima. Bajo el nombre @nude_yogagirl una fotógrafa compila imágenes de personas haciendo yoga sin ropa. Los paisajes, escenarios y soportes cambian, pero todas están desnudas.


(24h) #NYGyoga READ THIS "My mother carried me in my rawest form, just as I carried my own children. And we were born into this universe in a raw and pure form, bringing with us nothing more than a naked vessel harboring a mind, soul, and heart. And yet as we age, we are taught to shame our own bodies and the bodies of other, to hide ourselves because to share ourselves so vulnerably is offensive, disgusting. We objectify and sexualize the most human of forms as if we are not all made of flesh and bone. We tell people they’re too fat or too thin, too short or too tall, too feminine or too masculine as if they’re entire worth as a being comes from what the eyes first meet as opposed to what the soul feels. ❤ For a very long time i loved someone who told me i was unworthy of being loved back. Who made me hate my body, who picked it apart and pointed out every imperfection. Who told me i would never be beautiful, never be good enough, never be wanted. And now, as i continue on the path back to self love, as i try to embrace my body and be empowered by it, society tries to tell me i am wrong and dirty and provocative. That i should hide instead of embrace. That i should be ashamed of a body that despite abuse and addiction as survived and thrived. And to me, this toxic idea that bodies are something to be shamed and hidden away, is a tragedy. You were born into your body, and when your human experience ends, you will be reborn from your body. It is your vessel, your canvas, your own universe within the universe. There is irrevocable beauty in the poetry that is your living, breathing physical being. How could we ever not love that beauty? ❤" Inspiring words by @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga ❤ 1. @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga 2. @elena.bompori 3. @deasverse 4. @anouskapb You are all amazing! ❤ I want to encourage ALL body forms and shapes (you!) to share your nude yoga photos with me. Use #NYGyoga / @ Tag me or send a DM! ❤

Una publicación compartida de Nude Yoga Girl (@nude_yogagirl) el

Puede ser en la arena, en una pileta, sobre una hamaca paraguaya, en una colchoneta en el piso. En todos los casos, lo que se luce es un cuerpo real, sin falsos estereotipos, pero siempre muy armoniosos y saludables.


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